Belgian d'Uccle X (and a Pekin!) - colour and sex?


Nov 5, 2018
Hi there! We've got a number of d'Uccle Cross chicks hatched, and I'm terrible at sexing them. Their father is a purebred Porcelain d'Uccle, and their mums (1 frizzle, 1 smooth) are Japanese Bantam x d'Uccle (though, not sure how much d'Uccle since their legs are nearly feather-less!)

I've also got some colours popping up that I didn't expect. From what I plugged in, I thought we'd get either Black Mottled or Mille Fleur, but we've had some chicks start looking different. So, I'd love to get some thoughts on colour!


5.5 weeks old
My instinct says 'red is rooster,' but I cannot find a single 'pointy' feather on this chick! I would have expected more sickle / hackle indication by now? Excuse the flash photography, but I wanted to try capture the feather shape more.
chick1.jpg chick2.jpg chick3.jpg chick4.jpg

Colour - Unknown?
2.5 weeks old
I thought this was Mille Fleur (Frizzle) but as the feathers are growing in, they appear very grey with almost a partridge-y type colour? But, the chick doesn't look like a Porcelain either.
colour3.jpg colour2.jpg colour1.jpg colour4.jpg
(Also, getting a rooster-vibe from the other mottled chick in these photos?)

Pekin (Bantam)
5.5 weeks old
Any guesses? It's so fluffy. I feel like the feathers don't even have shapes - just fluff. Any idea on colour either? We got three Pekin chicks to keep the solo-Mottled d'Uccle company and this is the only one left, so I'm selfishly praying for a little pullet.
pekin1.jpg pekin2.jpg pekin3.jpg
Nov 28, 2017
1st is a cockerel. Males don’t start to grow their pointed feathers until they’re at least 3 months old.

The 2.5 wk olds are too young to sex.

Pekin is a pullet. She is mixed colour.
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