Belgian Quail d'Anver rooster in MI / will ship


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11 Years
Feb 9, 2008
Central Michigan
This gorgeous rooster is from last years hatch. I have to cut back drastically which is the only reason I am letting him go. I bought him from a breeder, whose name escapes me, but he had shown him at Fowl Fest last year and he placed first out of a large class of cockerels. This year I took him back, even though he had recently gone through a molt and still wasn't 100%, and he still took 2nd in his class. I have hatched lots of babies out of him, he is very fertile and his offspring have all been very healthy and vigorous, with a majority of them being pullets!

I will consider shipping this boy, buyer pays for the box and all shipping costs.




At Fowl Fest last weekend

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