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Mar 10, 2007
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I have a 4 week old begium quail chicken. I think they might have another breed name but Im not sure what it is.

The ppl I got her from said she was 3 weeks old.

When I do internet searches I dont find much about this breed. Can anyone tell me more about this breed?

Are they winter hardy?

How well of an egg layer are they?

Are they fliers?

Thank you
I think the breed name is "bearded d'Anvers" They are not great layers (but i have 1 hen so...). They are winter hardy for west texas. My hen is always out but i think she found a hole in the fence. She is my pet as she is the sweetest hen ever. They are knowen to be tame and they are pretty. Here is a link to feather site on the d'Anvers
Don't lay well
They're very small is the only problem with cold hardiness, I'd be worried about them freezing to death, unless you have a nice warm chicken coop.
Mine can practically fly as well as a pigeon of they want to, no joke.
Thanks for the info everyone. I have been googling the breed name now.

What about cats and this breed?

Will I be able to let my only belgium quail chicken free range with the other chickens once she is an adult?

I know a regular sized chicken can fend for themselves when it comes to cats but would a belgium quail chickens be a major target for a cat because of their small size?
D'anvers are bantams, which are much smaller than LF birds and do not fare well against most predators, including cats. I wouldn't trust LF around cats either as they can easily take down an adult bird.
I don't have much problem with predators like cats (i have 4 cats) My hen will actually chase the cats
I don't have a problem with the cold as I am in zone 7 and they are rose combed.
My hen free ranges all the time with LF birds and I don't have a problem though she has figured out how to get out of the yard now

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