Believe in ghosts?, whats your wierdest/scariest story?

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    I don't want this to turn into a religious rampage or anything, I respect other peoples beliefs but i am not religious.

    my childhood friend and I were talking about this today when she came to look at the house now that it's finally fixed up, and she's been out of state.

    somehow or another, we got to talking about ghosts, because supposedly my great,great grandmother haunts mine, that I just found out from my uncle, scarey eh?

    anyway I remembered a cat she had years back when we were like 8, a ginger and white siamese mix male kitty named Giffy, and about how what a nice cat he was, then Amber (my friend) mentioned something I had darn near forgotten.

    you see, Giffy was old, an old half-blind, but still sweet and chatty gent. of a cat. because if anyone knows anything about siamese cats, even mixes, they don't "talk" they "YELL" when they want attention, Giffy was a funny cat, if he was alone he would meow and meow until he found her, but he always trilled with an ow at the end, like 'mrrrrrr-ow" over and over, and Amber or her mom would always shout "GIFFY!, in here dummie!" at which Giffy would run in and act like he hadn't see anyone in decades.

    Anyway, Giffy had to be put to sleep a couple days after Amber's 8th brithday, he was 16 years old.

    now on to the story!, it had been 2 years to the day that Giffy was PTS, I mean EXACTLY two years, I was staying at Ambers house because my mom was out of town, Amber was feeling upset, so that night, just as she had the year before on the day Giffy was PTS, she set out one of his favorite toys, remote control sized decorative pillow that looked like a bass (the fish), with Giffy's name sewn into it, she set the toy and a couple treats where Giffy used to spend most of his time (in the window in their living room)

    and we went to play, it was probably a couple hours later when i heard(we both heard it, actually) "mrrrr-ow mrrrr-ow mrrrrrr-ow! MRRRRRRR-OWWWW", it sounded like a cat was outside (at this time, they had only one cat, Rufus, who was a stray they fed) we checked and there was no cat, later we heard it again, and Amber said real quiet "Giffy, in here dummie" and the noise stopped, Amber claims at that moment she felt a warm whisp, like cats fur on her leg, but I felt nothing, in the living room the fish pillow and the couple treats were knocked from the window, Amber then mentioned to me that the same thing happened the previous year, and that she had seen an orange and white siamese looking cat on their porch, Giffy was never an outdoor cat, when she went to go see the cat it would stand up, and walk away toward the back of the house and dissapeared

    every once in a while after that, I'd hear what sounded like a cat running back and forth playing while at Ambers house, again for a long while they had no indoor cats, just Rufus and later on another outdoor cat named Shadey.

    another of my wierd encounters happened when I was 12, i won't go into great detail but I will say that I ended up chasing one of our dogs that had gone missing across 10 acres of wasn't until two days later I found out that the dog had been hit and killed nearly a week before, my mom didn't want to tell me.
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    Jan 17, 2011
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    All I want to say is that they do Exists, I have experienced an encounter and know it was a ghost for sure.
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    My opinion is that you experienced a set of independent stimuli which your mind connected into a stream that resembled what you'd experience if there really was a cat ghost. I'm reminded of the time I awoke from a weird dream and thought there was a rat on the pillow next to me. I jumped out of bed, turned on all the lights, checked all over my room and found nothing. I will not deny the terror I felt from what I thought was a rat, but there was no sign of anything anywhere. When I finally laid myself down in bed again (with the lights on), I noticed that there was a weird crease in the pillow next to me (where I thought there was a rat). I shut off the light, and noticed a weird shadow on the wall opposite my bed which, from the angle in which my head was lying when I first opened my eyes, lined up with the crease in the pillow. I perceived two independent stimuli and my brain filled in the gaps to correspond to something for which it was already primed (weird animals in my dream moments before I woke up). Had I been dreaming about one of my dogs that passed away, I could have easily thought one of them was lying in my bed.

    The point is that the mind is not a very reliable witness. We "see" things that aren't there, and "don't see" things that are, depending on environmental conditions, what we were thinking about just before, etc. In the exact same set of conditions, two different people can "believe" completely different things are happening. I'm reminded of a story I heard once of a young man who went camping in Scotland and heard a frightening sound in the middle of the night. He was convinced that it was the voice of the devil, and that night prompted him to strengthen his religious convictions and join a seminary. When the story was later retold before an audience years later, two men started laughing. The speaker asked what was so funny. One of them replied "Manx Shearwater...also known as the Devil Bird." The speaker was not familiar with birds, but was a god-fearing Christian. His mind was primed to interpret the sounds he heard the way he did. Had he been camping with one of the two men who were laughing in the audience (both were ornithologists), his entire life may have headed down a different path.
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    My great-grandparents immigrated here from Poland and in the house they bought they took in boarders. One of the boarders they took in was a bachelor named "Polish Mike" who rented the basement. He lived virtually his whole adult life in the basement of their house and died there. My grandfather still lives in that house and I always get a weird vibe whenever I am down in the basement, just kinda the eerie feeling of being watched. No dogs will go down in the basement either.

    The county seat of the county I live in--Standish, Michigan--was actually featured on an episode of "A Haunting" entitled "The Unleashed" about a man who discovered Indian bones in his basement and then dabbled in the occult. If anyone wants more info, google "House on Church Street, Standish, Michigan"

    On the other side of the family, my great-grandma and her daughter (my grandma) never got along. Shortly after great-gradma's death, mother and grandma went to go clean up her house and pack everything up to get the house ready to sell. Some odd things happened, like a tissue box flying off the toilet to hit my grandma on the back of the head, chairs busting at all the joints suddenly, doors opening on their own, that sort of thing. Great-grandma's house is only a few blocks over from the "demon house" and is up for sale every 2 years or so.
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    Spirits? yes, ghosts? no same goes for the Easter bunny, Santa Claus and other popular things some believe in. The mind can convince one of a lot of things if allowed to.
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    Feb 23, 2010
    Inquiring minds want to know....

    What's the difference between a Spirit and a Ghost, Chickened?
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    And, if there is a difference, why are spirits any less a result of mind-trickery than the Easter Bunny?

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    Ok, the other night I was up in my room and I couldnt fall asleep. I kept hearing noises downstairs, like chairs moving and people walking.

    A couple of nights after my cat died I went downstairs to get a gallon of milk from the fridge down there, and I see two cat eyes walking were she died. And she was a simease and simease cats do cry for attention lol

    At my friends house (which is near my camp) we always go ghost hunting. His house is haunted. Last time we were ghost hunting we went outside and decided to try ( some indian bones were found in a nearby field) and we heard like a growl and he also has a pond there we also heard what sounded like a horse walking in the pond. Then while we were in his house his drumset something would wack the symbol in the middle of the night. And our one other friend got a picture on his phone of a face. The doorknob in his bathroom when a lot of people were in it at once it would wiggle, so right after it wiggled or while it was wiggling I grabbed the door and opened it. Nothing. It happened a lot and half went outside of the door and half inside. It wiggled. Opened nothing and nobody was doing it oh and the bathtub faucet turned on. He got knocked out in the basement bathroom he just feel asleep and he said he remembered nothing.

    Near my camp there is also a house that is for sale every couple of years since 2005 it has had about nine different owners. My friends mom was good friends with one of the ladies that lived there, and she got sent to the "nuthouse" because she heard and saw things.
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    Quote:I hope I can find a "haunted" house for sale when I'm ready to buy. I'm sure they go pretty cheap. I'll let other peoples' superstitions be used for my own advantage, and save some money.


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    I used to live in Northern VA. My best friend lived 8 hours away and once a year would come visit for a week. She always came in Sept.

    She died 13 years ago, June 12. That night, on the day she died, I decided to sleep in the guest room she always used when she came to visit. As I am laying there in the semi-darkness, I smell her perfume and then see a "shadow" pass by the foot of the bed.

    Was the light/dark playing a trick on my eyes? Sure, I can accept that, but I have no explanation for the perfume.

    There have been a few times, over the years, as I've been doing stuff in or around the house that I've smelled her perfume. I take it as great comfort she's still close by.

    And then there's the way you see "something" out of the corner of your eye, but when you turn your head to look, it's not there. I had a boxer that HATED rain, couldn't stand to be wet. Sometimes if we're having a hard downpour I swear I see her coming in the house and have even heard the jingle of the tags on her collar. She's been gone almost 7 years.

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