Believe rooster topped her and hurt her foot.

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  1. Young hen fine one moment... hour or so later she's walking but with her foot folded underneath her. (Ours are free roam chickens.) Doesn't act like there's any pain. It's not her leg... it's below the ankle part. I've confined her and have a make-shift cardboard piece taped under her foot. I'm giving her a vitamin/electrolyte water solution and she's eating and drinking fine. She was even keeping up with her buddies. What else can I do?
  2. Feeling lonely...
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    have you to tried a google search? the search function is really great here:thumbsup
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    Sounds like you've taken care of her well; it's a very good sign that she is eating and drinking and getting around so well. You can overdo the vitamins and electrolytes; be cautious about that. A little extra protein might be good, nothing much, though, maybe a scrambled egg in the AM for a few days, something like that.
  5. THANKS. I do treat them with mealworms for protein. I feel better.

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