Bella or Buster?! Guesses?


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9 Years
Jun 9, 2010
I'm very new to all this-these are my first chickies! I figured out the breed, now I'm wondering about the gender of one in particular. My little Bella is 3 1/2 weeks, almost 4, she is a partridge rock, she is the last of my three to start growing any feathers, and I've been noticing the wattles are coming in pretty quick. They are larger than on my other two chicks, and also kinda pink. She is my smallest chick, but also the fiestiest!! Also, I'm not sure what to look for as far as spurs are concerned, or when they would start to develop. I posted a link to my pics on photobucket. Any information is greatly appreciated!!
Thanks all!

Also, Bella is the smaller partridge rock, and the pic of the feet are hers, also the closeup of the wattles!

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