Bella recovering well from ?Infectious bronchitis? - update: new pics!

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  1. I have a 6 month old bluebelle hybrid with a very swollen rear end (not the vent itself, more her underbelly).

    She's an extremely vigorous, fiesty and happy hen, eats like a total pig and has laid an egg every single day since starting a month or so ago (although she has had two bouts of laying soft shell eggs in that time, lasting about three days each). She's behaving normally in every respect, except this hard swelling underneath her, and has very messy rear end feathers, starting from the vent and going right down between her legs to the belly. The skin is also beginning to look red and stretched in that area. This only started when she came into lay.

    I noticed a few weeks back that when I picked her up, a small amount of clear fluid leaked from her rear end onto my shoe (just a couple of drops) and I wondered if she might have a cyst. It didn't look gelatinous enough to be egg white, it was more watery.

    But, I handled her today and found that the lump is getting bigger, and her feathers are increasingly sticky and messy. Seeing the redness of her stretched skin also got me worrying.

    Can anyone figure out what this might be? Our BO lives with her and is completely fine - she came into lay with no problems about a week ago and is looking great.

    I will try and get some pictures onto here later on today to help you all see what I mean.

    Right, got some, here they are...





    But she really is very well, and looks it, in every other respect (except that she hates being handled, hence the rubbishy pics)...


    Am very worried about her - what if her heart gives out suddenly or something?

    Extra Details:

    Main feed: Layers pellets offered free choice

    Food Supplements: 'Poultry Spice' , powdered probiotics and oyster shell mixed into food (along with crushed egg shells).
    Water supplements: Soluble calcium, 'Poultry Drink' vitamins , ACV, grapefruit seed oil and 'Respite' used in water, on a rolling basis

    Treats: BOSS, shelled SS, veg and greens, fruit (not citrus), mixed grain and corn, scrambled egg, earthworms (if I can find them!)

    Medication: my BO had to have a recent one week course of soluble Tylan for mycoplasma (the bluebelle was not actually affected but drank from the same waterer and did not end up getting sick at all)
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  2. Anyone got any suggestions? Or it she just normal, if a bit messy!
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    I don't know, sorry, wanted to give you a bump, but what does she sit on in her nest?
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    I'm not sure I see any real problems in your pics. It isn't internal laying if she is still laying. Messy rear ends sometimes are worms, but could be other things, too. Not sure what to tell you.
  5. She and her BO friend sit on straw when laying - they are also very naughty girls and they sleep in their nestboxes too.

    I clean the poo out of the boxes every day, as I can't bear the idea that they might have to go to bed and sleep on yesterday's poo. So the straw is always clean.

    It's so odd - she's acting completely normal. Full of energy, jumping up at me for treats, laying absolutely great-sized eggs every day, digging, preening, scratting around, eating bugs. And such a feisty temper too!

    No signs that anything is wrong other than the swelling and the sticky feathers.

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  6. Quote:She was wormed only a forngith ago, and we saw lots of worms in the poop, so it seems to have worked!

    Am I worrying over nothing, and what she really needs is just a bit of a clean-up in the bathtub? Goodness, I do hope so. We love her dearly. [​IMG]
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    She could be fine. If you wash her rear and clean the feathers, then you'll be able to see if anything is wrong. Just eating earthworms can give them worms, so though they find them on their own, I wouldn't intentionally feed them worms you find.
    You'd be surprised how a hen's bare bum looks if you are not used to seeing it. Sometimes, they seem swollen when it's just her natural roundness.
  8. Quote:Oh speckledhen, I could kiss you, if I weren't on the other side of the world! [​IMG]

    I will pop Bella in the bathtub tomorrow (we are due to get some sunshine, so it'll be rather warmer than doing it today) and clean up her bottom. Perhaps I'm just comparing her to Henrietta, our BO, who is completely un-rounded at the rear, even though she's also just come into lay. Bella's a really prolific layer and very active in all other respects too, so I suppose she might just be more rounded and rather fatter than Henrietta. (She certainly eats more than Hen does.)


    Oh, and I will stop enouraging the worm fetish - it somehow seemed more natural than going to the fishing tackle shop and buying huge tubs full of maggots. I stopped doing that after getting worried that they were eating too much protein (they would polish off a pint of maggots in ten days!), and the maggots were also supplied in damp sawdust, which I thought was probably not good for them either. So I suppose live feed is really restricted to mealworms then? They're just so expensive! [​IMG]
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    I sometimes buy dried mealworms for mine. They are much less expensive here, about 2500 to a plastic tub for about ten dollars. They love them just as much as live ones here at my place.

  10. Hmm, that does sound a lot cheaper than here!

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