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    Has anyone gotten a new chicken permit in Bellevue, NE after the 2011 grandfathering. I have checked and they insist on having some form of verification of being part of some club such as 4H in order to apply for a new permit. Surprisingly the lady at the planning office suggested this website, but I have not found anything about new permits in Bellevue. Please if you know how to get the verification needed to get a new chicken permit in Bellevue, NE I would really appreciate the answer. Thanks.
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    Hello! Sounds like the person you spoke is not familiar with the process... I hope it's okay I put the phone numbers and the like on here, I will remove that if needed.

    This is the person we received the permit from:
    City of Bellevue
    Mary Lou Schwope
    Permit Technician
    1510 Wall Street
    Bellevue, Nebraska 68005
    Ph: (402)293-3014/Fax: (402)293-3055
    The application is called Hen Permit and will download as a PDF

    Best of luck to you and your chicken adventures!
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