Beloved chicken sick with respiratory issues


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Oct 16, 2014
We live too far from any chicken vet, so I would appreciate any advice you might have...

We were convinced our beloved chicken wasn't going to make it the other day. I found her in the coop with too much mucus coming out of her eyes and mouth. She fought off a raccoon a year ago and had severe trauma. Ever since then, she has always had mucus in her mouth (more like bubble spit), labored breathing, and has been a little run down. I think this colder weather recently got to her.

I brought her inside and the next day I came to check on her in the garage and her eyes and nose were completely crusted over. I managed to get a pea size amount of mucus out of one eye by gentle wiping. I wiped her clean, but she spent the day with her eyes closed, sitting down, not moving. We all said her goodbyes.

Yesterday, she was looking a little better with one eye open, and today she has both open. This chicken seriously has 9 lives.

She still has bubbles spit (mucus?) in her mouth, and isn't moving or eating much, but she is definitely more alert. She is sneezing some, though. She is going through her annual molt, but her feathers are gone around her eyes and the skin looks red. She has been scratching it with her claws.

Any suggestions? Allergies? (jk... I wish.)



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Apr 3, 2011
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Have you tried treating her with antibiotics as well as treating her eye? I would use saline eye wash to rinse her eye, and apply a dab of either Terramycin eye ointment or plain Neosporin ointment twice a day. Tylosin powder added to water 1 tsp per gallon will treat mycoplasma symptoms which sounds like what she may have. You could also try to get her tested, and ask a vet for antibiotics. Here is a link for buying Tylosin (tylan) :

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