Belt Hatchery located Fresno, CA

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    Sep 28, 2012
    Northern California
    Totally new to raising chickens. I ordered my first flock from Belt Hatchery because they are closest to Northern California. I wanted a reasonable amount of available breed selection so I decided to buy from a hatchery. My chicks were mailed Wednesday, 10/17/2012. I picked them up at the Post Office Thursday morning 10/18/2012. Only one fatality....poor silkie bantam was crushed by the other silkie chicks. They are now 8 days old and all are thriving. All in all my experience with Belt Hatchery is very good. Will definitely buy from them again.

    The chicks are so cute. They love to play with pine shaving bedding. One chick will pick a piece of pine in its mouth and run around the brooder as the rest of the chicks chase it down. Rambunctious little cuties.

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