Beltsville Small White Turkey eggs/1 doz+

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    For Sale again is 12 Beltsville eggs. ~~~ I would hate to have an omellete here !
    I have had 100% fertility & great shipping results but cannot guarrantee what the USPS does when the box leaves me, nor can I guarrantee your hatch rate will be as good as mine.
    Incubators & techniques can vary.
    But we are hatching babies all over the place !

    I do painstakingly bubble wrap each egg & nest them in yet more bubble wrap and shredded paper to arrive as safely as possible.

    Shipping has gone up alot since last year, and we only ship 3 day priority which to the east coast has been running about $16.00 to $20 so we will have to call the Post Office to exactly determine the shipping costs to you.
    Shipping is extra and paypal is my e-mail on my sig line.
    West coast is trucked and is much cheaper.
    I also add shipping tracking/confirmation so all boxes can be tracked.

    We also pack a few extras ! And my hens are laying up a storm !
    These birds are much smaller than the larger heritage breeds, and easy to keep & show.
    They are especially good 4-H projects & easy for kids to handle.

    [​IMG] Please PM me if interested ! [​IMG]
    Thanks for looking !
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