Beltsville Small White Turkey eggs 6+ extras

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    For Sale, 1 order per week, is 6 + extras Beltsville Small White Turkey eggs.
    The birds are mating & laying and I have up to 8 eggs a week extra (after local sales and incubation here)

    I am selling 6+ fresh eggs now, and will take orders for the next shipments.
    These birds are a joy to work with as they are smaller than larger turkeys, easier to feed/house.
    I have no issues with agressiveness, other than the hens do not like chickens around their nesting area !
    Thanks for looking !
    Shipping is extra, and will vary to your local, but will be at least $16 + priority shipping confirmation so package is tracable.
    Love these birds !
    Please Pm me if you are interested or have any questions !
    And thanks for looking !
    And read more about this breed here :
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