Benefit to painting and linoleum inside coop?

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  1. rhemerick

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    Mar 18, 2013
    I keep seeing people post pictures of the insides of coops that have been painted and/or have linoleum laid over the base of the inside of the coop, is there a benefit to doing these things? A downside? We are suppose to build our coop today and tomorrow for our 8 girls ranging in ages of 1 week to 3 weeks. They won't be using it for a little while longer, but we need to get it built ASAP since we know it will be quicker than we think that they will be too big for their 2'x4' brooder box.
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    Mar 23, 2012
    The upside of painted or linoleum floors are that they are easier to clean (poop doesn't sink into the wood). Also, if you use a light color, it will be easier to spot critters like mites that may find their way in.

    Can't think of a downside really. The time needed to install the linoleum or to paint would be about the only downside, but I think it is worth the effort. Time-wise I would think that linoleum would be quicker to install than having to prime and then paint a couple of layers. My guess is that a local flooring store may even have small pieces of linoleum for a reasonable price?
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    A linoleum floor painted or not will be slick! Yes.... easy to wipe clean but not so good with knocking down runny messes. Not all chicken poop is nice, neat, and solid. I am always confused why so many people want to use linoleum for a coop floor. It would make sense for the poop board because it does not get traffic but the floor does. My advice would be to add a good layer of pine chips on the coop floor to keep thing dry. Hope this helps.
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    I only have linoleum on my poop boards. It is slick and makes daily clean up super easy. The chickens to not walk in this area. I would not put it anywhere the chickens use regularly unless you have a way of making it less slick.
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    May 18, 2012
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    We're in the process of building a new coop and I've decided to whitewash the interior instead of painting. Will probably whitewash the exterior and see how it stands up to the elements, can always paint over it later.

    On the floor I'll be using linoleum to protect the wood as I plan on using deep litter. The linoleum will always be covered with shavings, straw, or leaves so they won't be sliding on it. I've got a tin floor on the small coop they're now in and they never slide around due to the deep litter.

    Guess what you install on the floor depends on what method of housekeeping you decide to use in the coop.
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