Benefits to bringing new chicks outside

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    I see a lot of threads asking when is it ok to take new chicks out for a bit into the real world. I realize not everybody lives in areas where it is warm early in the season, but chicks when raised by a hen don't sit under mom 24/7. They explore their world and then run back under momma hen to warm up. So there really isn't a reason to not bring your new littles out in the yard for short bits of time, even when it is cool out. They will let you know when they are getting cold and want to warm up.

    Besides the benefits of slowing exposing them to what is in your yard, encouraging feather growth and exercising mind/body, it is just plain fun to watch them play outside!

    I bring them out a few times a day and will sit outside for an hour with them (I have the benefit of working from home 85% of the time, so just bring work with me if needed).

    They just go go go go for an hour. When I scoop them up and put them back on the patio, they crash for an hour lol

    My girls are between a week and two old.
    tug of war with a weed

    checking for bugs in the tree and trying to climb the tree

    When they move off the patio, they will go in a 6x3 area in the bird pen so the others can see them, but not chase them. I'm sure it is better than the patio, but they are going to be bored in that space rather than running around the back yard. They just love to explore and are all over the place. Hopefully as they get older, getting them back to where they need to go will be not too bad so we can keep letting them out. DH won't spend forever trying to get them back into a safe spot when I travel for work.

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