Bent toe: broken or twisted toe? Treatments?

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    Apr 6, 2016
    I was out feeding my girls some treats this morning when I noticed one of our pullets, Apricot, has a bum toe. I haven't noticed it before - I do pick them up and check them out almost daily. So I'm inclined to think this is something new, but I'm not perfect so I very well could have missed it if it is twisted toe that I read about in the forums.

    The toe is on her right foot, middle toe. Compared to the same toe on the left, it's obviously messed up. The first knuckle seems swollen, or enlarged, but the toe itself is firm and slender like the other toes. There are no visible injuries, lacerations, blood... It looks perfectly healthy except for not being straight.

    She doesn't seem terribly bothered by it, she doesn't limp and seems to perch pretty well in spite of it. I gently manipulated the toe to see if it would bother her and she let me examine it without a fuss.

    Any advice? Any treatment recommendations? It seems a minor condition that might not need much of anything if she's functioning just fine but I thought I'd ask the experts in here just in case it's something I should monitor and treat in the future.


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