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    Sep 9, 2016
    I have 9 chickens at my dads and 4 ducks comming in from Meyer hatchery and I would like to move them to my house so I don't have to worry 24/7 but I don't know if they allow backyard chickens/ducks Bentonville Arkansas.
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    From what I could find you may keep four chickens per household in your area. There actually seem to be some really good laws in your area; they differentiate "hobby chickens" from chickens kept as livestock only. Could use that law in a lot more places!

    601.11 HOBBY CHICKENS.
    Hobby chickens allowed in permitted districts shall meet the following regulations:
    A. Number permitted. No more than four (4) hens shall be allowed for each single-family dwelling. No birds shall be allowed in multi-family complexes.
    B. Roosters prohibited. No roosters shall be allowed.
    C. Slaughter. There shall be no outside slaughtering of birds.
    D. Placement of enclosures. All hen enclosures shall be placed at least 25 feet from neighboring dwellings and located in a rear or side yard.
    E. Condition of enclosures. All enclosures must be kept in a neat and sanitary condition at all times and must be cleaned on a regular basis so as to prevent offensive odor.
    F. Food containers. All food used for chickens shall be kept in a suitable container with a tight-fitting cover so as to be inaccessible to rodents.
    G. Applicability. These regulations are not intended to apply to indoor birds kept as pets, such as, but not limited to, parrots or parakeets, nor the lawful transportation of fowl through the corporate limits of the city. Neither shall they apply to poultry kept in areas of the City which are zoned A-1.

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