Berkeley, CA coop design advice sought

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  1. l'abeille

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    Oct 16, 2009
    Berkeley, CA
    I am designing a small coop and run for my front yard in Berkeley. I'd love to hear comments on my ideas. Berkeley is warm not hot, with 50 degree rainy winters. We have raccoons and rats, cats and dogs, occasional hawks around here.

    I plan to make a 4x4' walled coop with 2-3 nest boxes. I want to use DLM. 1)Would it be better to have an earthen floor or a raised coop with a wood floor?

    The coop will open to a 6x8' run with 4' high 1x2" wire fencing. I need the top enclosed because I live on a busy street and can't risk escape plus I want it varmint-proof. 2)Should I use the wire fencing or is vinyl poultry netting sufficient for the top?

    I plan to use 1x1 patio squares around the perimeter of the run (and the coop if it as an earthen floor). 3)Will that keep animals from burrowing in?

    4)How many heavy breed chickens would this accommodate?


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    4 X 4 should be enough for four chickens.

    If it's damp I'd have it raised with a linoleum floor for easy of cleaning.

    Sounds like you've got it well thought out.

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