Bermuda Buttercups

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    Umm.... i've seen that bermuda buttercups are toxic towards chickens in quite a few different websites and such.... is it??? I've been feeding them a lot of these recently.... I thought they were just lyk "larger" clovers so i thought it was safe... and i came across to these websites... ummm is it ok to feed them this???? I haven't seen them acting ill or anything... (I only have two chickens)
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    I am wiling to purchase from you some of your Bermuda Buttercups! They're something I recall from my childhood, and miss them so much. I don't want to look strange going into someone's yard to dig them up, and it sounds like you have a lot. Any chance you would be willing to dig up a large portion of the bulbs and roots and ship them to me? I am absolutely willing to pay for your troubles. If you can dredge up enough to be a pound or two... or 5 or whatever? :)

    I'll look forward to hearing from you! Thank you so much!

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