best and cheapest place to buy dried mealworms?


6 Years
Aug 25, 2013
I really don't have the room or time to grow my own mealworms, so I was wondering where the best and cheapest places to purchase them. Bought the frenzy worms, but they seem so expensive for the container size. Thanks
I buy mine on eBay -- a 5lb bag for about $50. They are the sellers at, but I often find the price to be cheaper on eBay.

Still wish they were even cheaper though!
I get dried mealworms along with dried crickets from
The mealworms are $13.75 for 1 lb., and $53 for 5 lbs. They give you free shipping on orders over $30. The dried crickets are very high quality. I mix them into "The Ladies'" food everyday and they just devour them.
I use too! I grow my own mealworms, kinda gross. I get dried solider fly larva from them, says its made in USA. I'm still new at having chickens, but they go crazy for mealworms. It's so cute!
In response to Taly's post:
Wonderful ;)
We all try to feed our chickens and pets the highest quality meal worms available. Some people like myself are using all organic bran and veggies for the mealies, so no chemicals involved unlike worms bred by commercial breeders or even overseas.
We have seen the negative impact of dog and/or cat food from China here in the USA at numerous occaisions. So now chemical treated dried meal worms for our poultry, reptiles and others? No thanks. I will keep breeding my own and encourage all BYCers to do the same.
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