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Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by arherp, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. arherp

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    Sep 29, 2009
    Hey, what is the best bait for:
    I have been trying tuna, eggs, catfood, etc with no luck, but I know that they are there! Lol.
  2. Kennyog

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    May 7, 2009
    Oak Grove
    Coons are suckers for sweets,and i mean anything sweet. You can use twinkies,honey buns, Little Debbie cakes,etc.Skunks and possums tend to like the smelly stuff,sardines,tuna,anything rotten.I have caught lots of coons on sweets and dry catfood.I'll go to the dollar store and by their cheap dry catfood or honey buns,etc.This year alone i have caught 17 coons and one possum at my coop.I keep a live trap set 24/7 year round.
  3. Tala

    Tala Flock Mistress

    Everything I've ever caught has been on dry cat food. We have cats, so I just toss a handfull in the cage. Plus it's no treat since it's my cat's normal meal, so they aren't as likely to go in there as they would be if I put out tuna.

    I tried eggs, fruit, and marshmallows and never caught anything. I think in my case there simply was nothing to catch, though, because other people report that they are good baits.

    Perhaps the reason you aren't having luck is because your coons are trap savvy. You may have to hide the trap. I know I read on here about putting a box over the trap with the back end cut off so that the coon thinks it's just a tunnel. Maybe someone else can add suggestions
  4. Rooster#3

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    Aug 21, 2009
    ive been trapping for a couple years and this is what works for me: RACCOON:MY number one bait is 2 cobs of corn (do not youse near corn feild ) Stale candy,eggs rotten or not,cream corn,sweet corn,i have caught coons on 1 pice of bread in a empty tuna can with carmel imatation drizzled on it.What DOSENT work for me is marsh mallow carrots fish.

    SKUNK :carrots, chicken entrails,eggs,fresh sweet corn.

    possums all of the above corn eggs ,smelly stuf

    arherp: try cracking eggs or thy buying cat fish stink bait
    hope this helps [​IMG]
  5. greenfamilyfarms

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    Feb 27, 2008
    Elizabethtown, NC
    Sardines are a good bait. We use them to trap cats and possums with good luck.
  6. LilRalphieRoosmama

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    Oct 15, 2007
    Elyria, OH
    DS has trapped raccoons and possums using peanut butter and brown sugar. I set a trap with canned cat food and got nuthin' [​IMG]
  7. darkmatter

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    Jul 10, 2009
    Dry cat food works for me. I caught 14 coons last year and 8 this year plus many opossums which I didn't count. And the occasional feral cat. By the way, coon hunters will pay you for live coons-----just don't think or ask what they do with them. Please be careful if you are transferring a coon from the live trap to a transport cage, otherwise I just dispatch the unwanted captive in situ and dispose as orchard fertilizer.
  8. davidb

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    Dec 15, 2008
    north east Georgia
    I have had the best luck with fresh fish
  9. kman

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    Nov 24, 2009
    fish,sardines, and for the opossum skunk i use rotten eggs or anything eles that stinks really bad.
  10. arherp

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    Sep 29, 2009
    Allright guys, thanks! Tonight is going to be dry cat food night in the traps!

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