Best bantam breed choice for Children?

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    As I plan and build my little farm here's where I am. I'm electric fencing a large section of the yard, about 1/2 acre. I'm building a coop inside the fenced area. This will house wht Leghorns, Delaware, & possibly Welsummer/Minorcas/Jersey Giant/Dorkin (haven't quite figured all that out... yet... so many choices [​IMG]). About 12-18 total. This is my 'egg' flock with a few dual purpose chickens thrown in for the occasional edible bird! That's the set-up plus I thought I'd build a small chicken tractor for some Bantams, just 3-5. My question is which breeds would be the bestest mostest docilest nice chickens for my kids to have as pets, ages 5 & 12. I might would pursue a 'show quality' strain as these won't be for food prod. and the kids could show them as well.

    My choices are;
    A) Sebright
    B) Rosecomb
    C) Serama

    For my druthers I'd prefer Rosecombs, but I fear they're flighty. I've heard really good things about Sebrights being very docile. I've got little idea about the nature of the Serama breed. Whichever breed is selected it'll be hand raised and handled from a young age to aid in docility.

    Looking forward to the results,
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    Oct 5, 2009
    I know this isn't one of your choices, but I have two bantam cochins - one hen and rooster - the rooster is a frizzle. They have lovely personalities! And they don't "run" fast. Sweet 'n cuddly. Also I have a Belgium d'uccle rooster and he's a doll, too. Wish I could find him a hen. Laura
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    The only thing that I'd really rule out are Silkies. Fact is my daughter, 12 yr old, wants Jersey Giants (which we'll probably have as part of the flock at some point)! I think if I were 5 a chicken that looked me almost in the eyes would scare me to death though!

    My only problem with Cochins is the feathers on the legs. I'm not sure why other than when it gets wet, which is VERY often here in MS, they look nasty. Being nasty and being held by my children are thusly not compatible! Plus I simply prefer the clean lines of breeds like the Rosecombs or standard breeds like the Welsummer etc.

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    May 23, 2009
    A friend of mine who is a very experienced poultry keeper warned me away from Sebrights. They're beautiful, but he said they were very prone to health problems. He tried the breed but got rid of them. I got my little flock from his chickens. They are Serama hybrids: one a D'Uccle/Serama, and the other four Old English Game Bantam/Serama. They are all beautiful, friendly birds. We raised them from hatching and handled them daily.

    Two things about Seramas. They are not known to be cold hardy, so you do have to take extra pains to house them in the winter. And of course the eggs will be very small because the birds are so tiny.

    I've heard that cochins are very sweet.

    Actually, I would be most influenced by what bantam chicks are available from a local breeder in my area. That's how I got my birds, and I was able to see what kind of conditions the birds were kept in before I got them, what the parents looked like, etc. Plus I didn't get chicks from a factory farm or ones that were stressed by shipping.
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    May 23, 2009
    Quote:My daughter has expressed an interest in getting a couple of Silkies. I'm not so sure; I think they look quite odd, and there's just something not quite right about a bird that can't fly (poor things). I was also reading that the bone in their skulls doesn't grow closed, making them prone to head injuries.

    What are your reasons for disliking the breed?
  6. mandelyn

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    I've never had Seramas, so no help there.

    Rosecombs, when hand raised or raised by a tame hen, are sweet and friendly. Leave them alone and don't fool with them... anything will go flighty.

    Seabrights... mine had health problems too like someone else mentioned. They always seemed to catch a cold, and my chick survival out of them was only ever good on crosses. They were the only "weak" birds I had, and they come from different sources, so it wasn't like I bought from the same person and they were all bad. They came from 2 different states, 3 sellers, all very pretty, nice looking birds who could hardly make it through winter. They crossed nicely onto Black Rosecombs though, for some interesting colors on a healthier bird.
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    Aug 26, 2008
    mtns of ,NC.
    Why not Old english game bantam hens. They are hardy, small and can be very sweet. My brother has them and they fly to his arms for treats etc. He has the gold somethings. They do lay an egg of surprising size for a bantam. Gloria Jean
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    Sep 23, 2009
    I know my orpingtons are not bantams (can you get bantam orps?) but I will never have any other breed of chicken again. my BO girls are friendly, happy, great with my 2 year old son and fluffy and happy all the long cold winter.

    I have had others like barred rocks, EEs and the never ever again white leghorns. my sister has had red sex link, RIR and black sex link. every single one of those has been mean, spaztic and flighty. the white leg horns were the most aggressive, nasty and crazy birds I have ever seen.
  9. a2ms4chickens

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    Dec 16, 2007
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    There are bantam orpingtons you can probably get from a breeder.

    My son has bantam modern games, dutch, and old english games that he shows for 4-H and the poultry club. He is 12 and these little birds fit really well in his hands. They are very friendly birds with big personalities.

    Good luck on your decision, whatever you choose, I'm sure your kids will like them.
  10. Ondra's Seramas

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    Feb 19, 2009
    North Central WA
    I have never had Rosecombs, but Sebrights tend to be flighty and don't bear confinement well.
    Seramas are tame and sweet, perfect pets. They are the tamest breed I have seen.

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