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    DJ, Alaska I have never hatched any in a bator. I had hens do the job while growing up and all, but after seeing all the cuties and a bad shipping with this years chicks I am going to try and do my own next year. Also my crib midget will be over two then and I think he would love it. He is already helping with feedin the chickens now and even telling me when its time for them to take a nap lol

    So all of you who are way more informed than me can you point me in the right direction of what bator is the best in your eyes and why. I would like that I can get to turn the eggs but I read on here that turkey eggs should be put on the side to help leg problems? I dont know anything total newby here on this. Any info on models and brands would be great. Pics would be great as well just so I know more about what I am getting. Thanks for all help! Adrienne
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    the majorit of people on BYC have iether a GWF hova0bator or a little giant. they are cheaper and light weight and although they are similar they are VERY different. the GQF hova-bator is more expensive but i got my still air from Randall Burkey for about $70. i don't have an egg turner, i hand turn my eggs and that's what i would reccomend just because it feels more natural. here is a link to a thread comparing the two:

    brinsea makes top of the line incubators, and i believe they are the best on the market. they are kind of expensive but worth the money. i suggest a brinsea octagon 20 or a octagon40. you can either get one with an auto-turner or without. it really doesn't get much better than that. here is a link to their website, they have a wide range of quality incubators.
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    I love my Hovabator 1588! Preset thermostat is the best!! [​IMG]
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