Best bedding recommendations for strays??


5 Years
Dec 29, 2017
Battle Ground, WA
We're constantly getting stray cats around this time of the year. Our outside cat, White Socks, hates when the strays show up and is always chasing them off. There are a few that stick around anyway until spring and then leave afterwards. We honestly don't mind the cats and we have a few bowls out that I will put food in everyday.
I noticed some of the strays kept resting in our cat's igloo house despite there not being any bedding.
Before anyone suggests taking the cats to the shelter, I can't even pick them up without getting scratched. I can pet them, not pick them up. We also don't have a trap anymore as ours rusted completely years ago. Plus, some of the shelters aren't accepting more cats until their current ones are adopted out.

I want to give them something to sleep on that will let them stay warm enough.

What bedding would be best for the igloo house??

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