Best breed for companionship AND showing?


11 Years
Jul 20, 2008
I've heard that Dark Brahmas are calm and friendly, and they're also beautiful.


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Mar 30, 2009
I have heard Nakin bantams are great!!
Personally I chose Pheonix (fullsize) .

I have light Barahma's the only problem for the Barahma in general is keeping the feather feet featherd.


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11 Years
Nov 18, 2008
Go to a couple of shows in your area and see what is on champion row. Usually there will be something like black Old English, Black Rosecomb, White Rocks, Rhode Island Reds, Black Cochins in Bantams. White Rocks, White Leghorns, Buff Opringtons in Large Fowl. Notice all of the black or white or solid colored birds in my list? Multi Color birds tend to get dinged more often for color flaws. Multi color birds can and do win shows, but it seems to be somewhat easier to get there with a solid colored bird. Anyway, when you see something on champion row that you like, talk to the breeder about getting some birds. If he/she doesn't have any available, they can usually point you to someone that does. Don't expect to pay $5 for a top quality exhibition bird. Bring your check book. All of the birds on champion row come from excellent bloodline, as do most of the others in the show. What makes the top birds stand out is conditioning. Those birds are perfectly clean, in perfect feather condition, and perfectly trained. You can take the best bird from the best bloodlines and if you don't condition it properly, you won't win a thing. All of these exhibition breeds tame down well and can make good pets. Taming them is part of the training process.
p.s. It is hard to win champion at any show. You can spend a lot of money and a lot of time to get the best bird ever and still not win. Sometimes the judge will see something that you missed. Sometimes the judge prefers females and you have a male or vice versa. Sometimes your bird will lose some tail feathers just before the show. Sometimes your bird will be tired and won't display for the judge. Sometimes you do everything right and the judge does everything right but he likes the bird next to yours just a little bit better. That's what makes it challenging and fun. If you don't win this show, there is always another.

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Jan 20, 2009
Well, Rhode Island Reds sure are friendly and inquisitive. I personally would be inclined to go with either the Reds or Buckeyes.

There's a fella here on BYC (buckeydave I believe is his name) that raises beautiful Buckeyes and absolutely loves them. If I had the room, I'd be wanting eggs from him.


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Mar 6, 2008
Temple, ME
Quote:I really like my cochin bantams.

They are mellow, don't take up too much space, don't go flying into the rafters like some bantam breeds, brood their own eggs (and others eggs if snuck in) and the roosters are not threatening to small children.

If you want to enter shows, save time by buying really good birds to start. That way you will not be eternally trying to breed a show quality bird.


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Aug 28, 2008
Lexington, Kentucky
I vote for those Blue Orpington's of Julies on here, they would be for sure show-stoppers. I think she is "Bamachick". They are just so fluffy and beautiful and look to be calm and gentle. Even muddy, they are striking. The black ones are nice too.


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May 14, 2008
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I got some Wheaten/Blue Wheaten Ameraucana pullets from Melissa's eggs and I am IN LOVE with them. They are 17 weeks old so I'm hoping I'll get eggs in another two months.

They love to be held, they love to be stroked... one fly's up to my shoulder and coos... puts her head under my hair.

I can't wait till they lay and the only thing I'm sad about is that I don't have a purebred roo to go over the six of them. One ended up without muffs and I'll eventually rehome her, but the others are just spectacular... I'm thinking I need to show them... somewhere.

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