Best breed for indoor/outdoor, well socialized, well trained pet goose?

Discussion in 'Geese' started by xodanio, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. xodanio

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    Mar 14, 2012
    Hi everyone,

    I am up north and the storm wiped out my pen. Of course something got I before I could shape up the broken bits. I had a drake, imprinted, trained, and wonderful. I lost him and one of the girls. I am placing the other girl because my heart can't do ducks again. At least not right now.

    I will be fixing up the pen and coop through the winter (assuming we aren't always going to be covered in snow this year!) and I am making plans for spring. I so miss the chatter of greetings! How sad it is to walk out to a silent back yard.

    So! I am considering a goose! My dog - a standard poodle - was right up here with the ducks and he would be with the goose, as well. They were never left alone together but when I was around, they hung out together. The drake usually gave dog grief until I set the dog into herding mode. It was mostly a good arrangement!

    So my first question is: if raised with him and if encouraged and supervised by me, will any gosling grow to tolerate my dog, as the drake did? I did the whole diaper thing (NEVER thought I would be so crazy for a DUCK!) and the two were fine in the house and everything. Assuming we go through the same training and socializing, can I expect the same results with a goose?

    My next question hinges on an affirmative to the first: which smallish goose breed is the friendliest, most sociable, and easiest to socialize to visitors (here again with proper training and careful socializing). I have been looking at Shetlands, only because they are so tiny! (Super cute!) I am open to any of the small to medium breeds. I do not want any of the great big geese.

    My last question is: do I need two geese or can I get away with one? She (going to get a girl) would be left alone outside for 3 to 6 hours a day in a pen, but only 3 or 4 days a week. When the weather is good for it, the dog gets tied outside beside - but not inside - the pen. I certainly don't mind getting two. I'm just not going to if I don't need to.

    Thanks, everyone, in advance.
  2. aoxa

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    Geese are even easier to bond to a human. They are the friendliest species of bird I have. I have ducks, chickens, turkeys and geese. My goslings imprinted on me without me trying to get them to. I raise Toulouse. [​IMG] Very docile and easy going breed. Not great with more aggressive breeds of geese. These guys are sweeter than my calls. I just adore them. [​IMG] As goslings they attached to my boots and would follow me wherever I went.
  3. aoxa

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    As for the dogs, I have 3. The geese don't bother the dogs in the least.
  4. xodanio

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    Mar 14, 2012
    Oh, also, if there is a difference in egg quality between the breeds that you know about, please do let me know. I heard goose eggs are good for baking, as are duck eggs (and significantly larger), but are they good for eating, as well? I've never had scrambled goose eggs!
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  5. aoxa

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    I really don't like duck eggs, and my girls have not started laying yet.

    The breed I mentioned don't lay often. 35-40 eggs a year. I am going to incubate every single one :p
  6. xodanio

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    Mar 14, 2012
    Lol I like how you put that. Thanks for your input. I will put them on my list.
  7. aoxa

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    Just stay away from Embden. I have read that this breed is notoriously bad with dogs.

  8. RURU

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    Sebastopols are great to have as indoor pets. They bond super well with people. They are a medium size goose. It just depends on which kind of goose you like.
    I sold one to a very lonely heart broken woman and Oliver has made her so happy. He lives inside all the time and has brought much inspiration to his owner.
    Leesa has now written 3 children books with Oliver being the main character in these books and goes on travels. I am so proud of Leesa and Oliver the Sebastopol Goose.....[​IMG]
  9. CelticOaksFarm

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    I am one who will tell you to not make a house pet out of a goose. They NEED sunshine and grazing, that they cant get if inside all of the time. Yes 2 are better than one, they like to cozy up when they sleep and having another goose to do so with is better than being a solo goose. Eggs are laid springish time (depending on where you live) as geese are seasonal layers. Purchasing goslings and spending time with them daily will help bond them to you. However remember they are geese and geese dont have hands so they chew, bite and otherwise explore with the bills.

    Geese are very smart and social animals, and do make good pets as long as you realize they are livestock not cats or dogs.
  10. aoxa

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    I missed this, yes. Definitely NEED to be outside. That grass is a very high % of their diet :thumbsup

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