BEST breed for Meaties?


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Jul 24, 2011
Vista, CA
I've never actually raised chickens specifically for meat, I more raise ducks for that. In an attempt to be a little more self sufficient, I was thinking about meaties - I LOVE silkie but with our size family, 2-3 would be a meal and that means I would have to raise a LOT of silkie.

Other than cornish x what is another fast growing heavy meat bird?
There is an American breed call the the Buckeye that is a dual-purpose bird whose meat according to the "Ark of Taste" surpasses all other breeds in tastiness. One of our members ate one, and I ate one, and they are pretty delicious! Another of our members raises Buckeyes for show - they are a handsome rusty-red, with a tiny comb (good for cold weather), and gentle personality. Very easy to handle. I would also recommend the Delaware, which was what the poultry industry used as their main meat bird after the breed was developed in the 1940's. Delawares are great layers, and I have yet to see a bird pack on weight and grow so fast. Their white feathers and yellow skin make for an attractive carcass too. Trouble with Dels is that they have such a winning personality that you may end up wanting to keep them rather than eat them! Buckeyes are a little smaller than Plymouth Rocks, with Delawares about the same size as Rocks.
Too bad there aren't any other that are just evil cusses. My problems if I do grow attached, that is why muscovy make it to the table more than chickens.

Thanks for the info. I'll have 3 deleware crosses that I may just breed out with the americana for now and see how that goes. My rocks are nice bodied, too.
You aren't getting fast growing meat without buying one of the hybrids.

Cornish Cross are the most economical meat producers. There are several others that produce meat, just not quite as fast: Freedom rangers, red broiler, Rossambros, Kosher Kings. They take about twice as long to grow to butchering size.
Where is the best place to get Cornish or Freedom Rangers? I hate to have to order them, but I am not sure I have any other local sources.
ive heard the cornish x rocks are good to have

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