Best breed of rooster for my flock?


10 Years
May 5, 2011
Rushville, NE
I want to get a rooster for my flock of 14 (some hens some supposed to be pullets). I have 5 BO (pullets), 5 RIR (pullets), 2 California Whites (hens), and 2 White Leghorns (hens). Any suggestions and/or opinions on what breed of rooster would be the best for this flock. I've had 1 person tell me to get a RIR, but I'm up for suggestions.
I've had two great roosters, some ok, one evil. My EE was our favorite, a red cornish was wonderful. Black sex link evil. The offspring from our EE BO crosses came out half columian/delaware like and new hamphire like but were used for meat. Same with the cornish crosses. The BSL became a fox's dinner before we bred him. We've had some beautiful boys, some with great voices. Happy searching.
I had a Black Australorp rooster that was the sweetest rooster in the world.
When I live in a neighborhood that allows roos, I will be searching for one like him.
I've read a lot of people with RIR roos who end up being mean, but I've also seen some who had very nice ones. It seems EE roos usually get a good reputation, and Barred Rock roosters seem to be good too.

I have two cockerels now, so no practical experience to go from. I'm hoping to keep both mine, but willing to cull down to one if either turns real nasty or they fight too much. I have a Barred Rock and a Black Copper Marans, both seem well tempered and a bit shy of me, which is just fine by me!

Good luck whatever you decide!
For me, I would also take into consideration whether or not they would be free ranging at all. I can put up with a crank of a rooster if he'll be a good provider and protector and won't beat up the girls. I don't need him to be my best friend, I just need him to do his job..... ALL of his jobs
Doesn`t matter which "breed" you chose. Just get one YOU like. Best recommendation, get a mature cock. He will be kind to the ladies and will be IN CHARGE from the first introduction. An immature cockeral will be shunned by the older hens or pullets until he becomes a "man". Besides that, a mean rooster is easy to spot, if he`s mature..........Pop

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