Best breeds for Laying?

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  1. Bleenie

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    So last year i sold off my flock of EE's because their egg laying ability was, well, it sucked. they were Beautiful but they just weren't productive layers. The family has recently been talking about getting a new flock of layers, probably raising them from chicks, and I want to get input from other chicken owners this time. I am more of a duck person so I don't know much about the abilities of the different chickens breeds but i do know about the diseases and care and all that.

    So we're looking for hens that will be great layers & friendly. A while back i saw a picture of a flock of Barred Rocks & Buff Orpingtons and they looked so pretty together, are those good layers?

    We also want 1 rooster, what is a good, friendly breed to keep? (he doesn't have to be the same breed as the hens)
    Thanks guys [​IMG]
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  2. kingdr85

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    Yes! Orps are great layers.....almost every day!
  3. gryeyes

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    Barred Rocks and Orpingtons are both good layers. The former is better than the latter. BOTH breeds are friendly and personable. I have one of each in my multi-breed flock.
  4. barred-rocks-rock

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    Jul 5, 2009
    The BEST Layers are Australorps ,Leghorns, Rhode Island Reds and Comets (Comets, Stars, Sexlinks, all the same thing). But Barred rocks, Wyandottes, and Orpingtons are also pretty good.
  5. Miss Red

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    I'm not sure if it's breed specific or not, but my little rescued D'Uccle hen lays me an egg a day and they're not tiny bantam eggs. They're still small, but they're not dwarfed. Plus, she's real nice to look at. [​IMG]
  6. Bleenie

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    What are the general personalities like of Australorps and Red Sex Links? (i don't like the look of BSLs)
  7. rungirl

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    Quote:I'm kind of looking at adding some Australorps and Sexlinks to my flock... The Australorps are just a genetically improved Orpington, blended with the Barred Rocks. The Sexlinks are really genetically improved layers.
  8. Louieandthecrew

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    Red Sex links are very sweet but they are also REALLY curious. They are pretty big and lay almost every day. My Red Star gives me 5 or 6 eggs a week. She is really big but again, very sweet. Australorps are GREAT layers but the rooster are REALLY mean [​IMG] But the hens are nice and go broody very often. But I personally would actually go with Barred Rocks. They are beautiful birds and SOOOOO sweet. Actually the BR roosters are the sweetest kind that I know of! [​IMG] Hope you find a good breed [​IMG]
  9. Morgan7782

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    I have had Barred Plymouth Rocks in the past and they are great! I assume any of the Plymouth Rocks (color) would do great. I have had two Rocks in the past who laid me an egg a day, even through heavy winters. They were both friendly, great with kids, and not easily spooked by big dogs or cats running around. My current Barred Rock is the head hen at a mere 4 months, but she is not a bully. She demands respect but doesn't abuse her flock members. I expect her to be my best layer. I also have a few Wyandottes and an Easter Egger who I enjoy but they are still young so not expecting eggs anytime soon.

    I vote Barred Rocks, or any colored Plymouth Rock, and Wyandottes. I have two Wyandotte pullets, one is VERY friendly and loves being held and the other is kind of stand offish. Black Australorps seem to be friendly as well, don't own any personally but I have always heard good things. They are very productive, and though they might not be a LAP chicken, they are the kinda chicken that comes up to you and follows you around and such, at least that's how they seem to me.

    My Wyandottes are hatchery bred, and a few people here have had their Wyandottes turn out mean. Neither of mine are mean, they are both friendly and though one doesn't like being held, they both follow me around and talk to me.

    Plymouth Rocks for sure though. They are hardy, good layers, and sweetie pies [​IMG]
  10. Louieandthecrew

    Louieandthecrew I am actually a female!

    I love BRs! lol I had to sell my Black Australorp because he got so mean [​IMG] He used to follow me around and roost on my head [​IMG] but right at 6 months old he would run up to me and ATTACK ME FOR NO REASON! One time I was sitting down feeding the hens from my hand and he came up from behind and attacked my back! Anyways. I don't think Australorps are very good for yound children.

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