Best Breeds? Homemade Feed Recipe?

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  1. Fishersfarms

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    Jan 23, 2017
    Hi! Come this spring we are planning on expanding on both our ducks and chickens...we already have buff orphintons, wyandottes, barred rocks, jersey giants and astrolorps and sadly one Muscovy Duck, who's brothers were killed by a fox. And breed suggestions for either? And a feed recipe that's simple enough for a small farm and 15 chickens? Easily affordable and easily accessible? Thanks!:D
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    Apr 6, 2014
    Melrose Park Illinois
    I have been doing this chicken pet hobby for about 20 years now. I consider myself a pragmatist. I keep Alflock chicken pellets on hand all the time. I also let my girls free range in the back yard, I feed them treats like scratch, as well as Wild bird seeds and sunflower seeds as well. All kitchen scraps also go to them. The Alflock pellets are not their first choice, but a welcomed backup when they are still hungry. It also is a good choice for them to get complete nutrition. Besides that, I also give them Crushed Oyster shells free choice. All my chickens live long lives, except those taken by predators or disease. (few). I also do not eat my pets as well.[​IMG].. A 50# bag of Alflock costs me $11. where I live. Prices do vary by location.
    Get an assortment of different chickens and make up your own mind which you like best. I like a variety myself, but I keep them all as pets.

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