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May 23, 2017
United States
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Hello! I already messed up on thread creating, so bear with me. I am searching for a breed that is very docile and friendly, and it would be super fun to have a best friend or someone to cuddle with ;)
My issue is that I need a high egg production, preferably 4-5 eggs per week. It would be great if they were fast growing, since I am getting them sorta late, about mid-June, and I will be getting chicks. They will probably be kept in a coop with a large pen around it. Unusual looking breeds are fine, but I would like a breed that doesn't cost a lot. My last problem is that I will be living in an area with a high predator population, and I will do my best, but it would be better if they have some decent survival instincts. Hopefully I didn't just make a posting mistake again :fl Thank you to everyone in advance.


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May 17, 2017
Portland, Oregon
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Well you have two goals that are at odds. A friendly chicken is likely to get killed by predators, but a chicken with good survival instincts won't want to cuddle you. If you want a friendly cuddly chicken, go with Buff Orphingtons. If you want a chicken with survival instincts, I say RIR. Both produce a good number of eggs.

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