Best broodie in awhile!


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Aug 30, 2009
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Wheaties, my Wheaten Marans, went broody 34 days ago. I gave her duck eggs, and she was great. Gave the duck eggs to a broody duck, after she lost 2 of hers. Leaving the chicken setting on duds since we don't have a rooster.

Went and bought her some chicks. I went over board... lol... darn chicken math and not one fertile chicken egg to cause it! Came home with 4 EEs, 3 Naked Necks, some kind of lavender colored bantam, and 2 black "not sure" bred pullets. All are pullets except maybe 2 of the EEs. Time will tell on them.

So I gave her 5. In the middle of the afternoon. She hunkered down on them, and decided they were indeed hers. After watching them for 2 days, and seeing how happy the chicks were with a mom, I gave her the other 4 too. So she has a whole pile now, and is quite pleased with herself.

Not one peck! She's been really great. They're helping to pull her off the nest by running off from her, most of them are a week old, some about 4 days. They're in the old rabbit hutch, a solid almost-building that's 8ft x 3 ft. We closed up the sides and put a solid floor in, it's a great broody hut now.

So much easier than brooding them in a box, I've forgotten how nice it is, and how cute the family is. I haven't had a broody with chicks in about 14 years.

I hope the duck is as happy... they should hatch any day now.

Also bought 3 Turkey poults, but they're separate in a brooder.

I gave her the other 4 today... she was like "Yay! More!" and the babies aren't acting confused at all. They're following the lead of the others who have been with her.

Photos later, it's just too cute not to share!

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