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    Apr 14, 2013
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    I attempted to get rid of the rooster, just to save my girls the back feathers, but the boy cried and so he crows in my backyard for a long time, I guess. I wanted to sell chicks and raise my own replacement layers, anyway....

    So, I'm wondering if there is a best breed for broodies. I don't want to get an incubator unless I have to. The last time we tried to hatch with a homemade incubator, my sister-in-law's power went out and 2 eggs out of 20 hatched. Cochins?
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    There are breeds that tend to be setters but it is still up to the individual.
    Silkies, cochins, brahmas, penedesencas, sussex, orpingtons, australorps, delawares, dorkings, javas, langshans.

    I've even had a black leghorn go broody often so one never knows.
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    I keep bantam cochins for broodies. This year I'll be trying Dark Cornish. I've also had good luck with game hens.

    Orpingtons are traditionally broody...mine not so much. Silkies are a classic for brooding, I just don't care for them personally.

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