Best ~broody~ IN the WORLD!!!

Chicken Charlotte

Out of the Brooder
9 Years
Jun 7, 2010
I love my broody, i gave her a choise if she wants to hop on the nest or hop off! Everymorining she hops of then comes back and sits back on her nest she is so well organized! Anyone have a broody like that?
I have a couple of Buff Orpington x Buff Cochin hens that are reliable broodies. I just put 5 feed-store chicks under one of them yesterday and she adopted them immediately. They really are fun!
my favorite broody who raised three seperate broods but still let my touch them and never pecked me died a couple weeks ago
I have a broody sitting on a few EE eggs.. 11 days and counting.. I know she gets off them sometime cuz she leaves me a GIANT broody poo.. ewwww but I have never seen her off them.. she is awesome my tiny little white silkie.. I got her from Jen at South Side Silkie Shack at ON in November...

Here she is ...
I used to... <sigh>

But we rehomed them due to needing more room.
Now alls

I got are a few young hens who don't really know what their doing...ohwell

I love them
I absolutely adore broody hens. Well except for one of mine that was a biter. My others would "puk puk puk" anytime that I'd get near but would eat from my hand.

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