Best Brown Egg Layers?


May 18, 2020
Fredericksburg VA
Preparing to go round three with chicks. Ordering females only this time to add to our RIR & PBR pullets. Opinions on the best breed to complement what we already have? First batch was unsexed and I only ended up with 4, possible 5, pullets. I also have a small flock of week olds - silkies and mixed bantams. I’m not going to order until they’ve moved out of the brooder, but I want to do my research in advance. Thanks for the help!

Aunt Angus

Crossing the Road
Jul 16, 2018
Nevada County, CA
Do they have a pretty good temperament? Do they lay in the winter, too? I’m in Virginia. Last few years we haven’t had snow and it hasn’t gotten too cold.
My Welsummer is very mildly tempered. She's not the friendliest, but that's because she had a rough start and ended up the only chick that go around. It doesn't get cold here, so I couldn't tell you about that.

Any Orpington would be great, too. They have light brown eggs, but they are all around fantastic, adaptable birds. Maybe a Marans, too, if you're looking for egg color?

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