best candler for BCM eggs, or darker eggs.


10 Years
Dec 16, 2009
Kotzebue, Alaska
I have 13 eggs in my home made incubator. They are on day 7 right now. The temp has been really steady and so has the humidity. I just really want to candle them to see if anything is forming. Do you know any brands or types of candlers or how to home make a good one to see through these darker eggs. I have one egg that is ligher in color and it is labled "number 12" and I candled it and can see good viable viens and a nice big eye.... but I dont want to just keep candling number 12 over and over.... I'd like to see if the other eggs that are darker have babies in them! :) did I mention I got these eggs on eBay?! heheheh


Aug 22, 2011
Vancouver, WA
I use the brightest, small led flashlight I can find. Do it a dark room, that helps alot also. I have been able to do 90% of my eggs. Happy candling!


7 Years
Apr 19, 2012
Tacoma Washington
Good luck! I had one egg that i'm not sure what breed it's from. hatched a red chick from it that now is getting black speckles. It's cute. But the egg was dark brown. I gave up on candling it after a few tries. It was also an Ebay egg. :) Out of 12 eggs I had 7 start to hatch, 6 successfully hatch.
My dad told me that the best way to candle brown eggs is to put a box over an 100 watt (or higher) light bulb, cut a small hole in the box just big enough to set the egg on and then you might be able to see if there are veins. I didn't try it. But maybe it's worth a try? If I ever get more brown eggs like that I will try it.

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