Best Chicken Breeds That Evade Coyetes


Mar 10, 2017
Westchester, NY
Chickens are being taken in broad daylight by coyotes. Short of shooting them, trapping them, or keeping the chickens in an enclosed run, what are some breeds that can evade coyotes well. They would also need to be cold tolerant and be a relatively good egg layer. Extra points if it's a heritage breed.
I was thinking Leghorns, maybe Light Brown Leghorns since I want to go with more heritage breeds.
Any other breed recommendations?
I think the coyotes got the upper hand on this one. :barnie

I love me some electric fencing! Easy to install, easy to use, very effective if installed correctly (or the net kind), relatively affordable compared to the cost of a full fence or replacing birds all the time. ;)

If you do go with leghorn... the brown should be a better camouflaged target then white would be in a lot of environments.

My Marans are fighters! But I don't know about their awareness and evasion ability. I guess they also might not count as high production. :hmm

I don't know if this breed comparison chart will help or not. But it might at least put some otherwise unknown breed onto your radar..

Good luck with your search and sorry for your losses. My issue this year is with hawks so far. I also choose free range... that is until my loss becomes too great... so far just chicks, and those are no longer free range.
We have coyote too, and they also come out in the middle of day—or whenever else they feel like it. We have had chickens for about 10 years and the only breed we’ve had that has been able to evade attack was our campines.

They are a quick, quirky bird that is pretty entertaining and much more ‘Wild’ than any others we’ve had. They were never ones to stay with the group and preferred to forage in the wooded areas by themselves. They are flighty and very fast. They were steady egg layers, but liked to hide their nests. The ones we had eventually went ‘native’ and decided they liked to live in the brush rather than the coop. We would see them wandering around a couple times a day, until after a while they stopped showing up. I assume something got them, but they did live on their own for quite a while. They were a lot of fun and I want to get more.

I can tell you want has not been able to escape coyotes: Wyandottes, Barred Rocks, Australorp, Jersey Giants, Delaware, Easter Eggers, Golden Buffs and Appenzeller.

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