Best chicken names


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6 Years
Apr 30, 2013
Ocean View, Hawaii
What are your chicken's names? Mine are Omelette, Quiche, Custard, Merengue, Mushi and Fu Yung. We decided on egg dish names rather than chicken dishes since we don't plan on eating any of them. Of course if one does turn out to be a boy he becomes Benedict ;) I have a lot of great ones I didn't get to use since we only have 6 little ones to begin with. I would love to hear your favorites.


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6 Years
Apr 13, 2013
Perth, Western Australia
Hi Tiapet, I was scared to name mine when I first got them as they were battery hens and I didn't know how long they would live so a couple of them got nicknames. Redback, as she had no feathers on her back and it was red. Long Neck, no feathers on her neck. The other 2 don't have any distinctive markings so at the moment they remain nameless. I've also got 6 baby chicks but I'm only keeping 2 so one I've named one Peeps and the other one cotton. Don't ask why Cotton, it just came to me and I liked it.

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