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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by ChickenDisaster, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. ChickenDisaster

    ChickenDisaster In the Brooder

    Jun 17, 2019
    Despite having down my research, I still prefer the tried-and-true method of things. Being fairly new to chickens, I was wondering if somebody could recommend some breeds for me.
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  2. DobieLover

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    Jul 23, 2018
    Apalachin, NY
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    That all depends on your location (environmental factors for breed selection) and what you are looking for in a chicken (lots of eggs, sweet and friendly, small and cute, more natural).
  3. ChickenDisaster

    ChickenDisaster In the Brooder

    Jun 17, 2019
    I live in NY, so I’d say a hardy bird. Eggs aren't a necessity, though they are nice, but my neighbors have small kids who visit a lot so I’m leaning more towards docile and sweet/friendly.
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  4. Fairyloop5

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    May 3, 2019
    For a common breed, a barred rock is Very tame and popular, they’re good egg layers and good roosters in my case, another one is the Orpington, they’re pretty chickens and are very popular do usually will do good in the heat and cold (both breeds). Two more good breeds are the Sussex and Cochin, their beautiful chickens, good egg layers, and friendly most of the time. If you are looking to breed any of these chickens, a cochin can sometimes be harder to hatch.

    My favorites are the Ayam cemanis, they are not good egg layers, but out of the ones that I have, they are the friendliest and smartest. You can get hatching eggs pretty cheap on eBay.

    (I don’t have a picture of my sussexes because they died ago so did my barred Plymouth Rock hen and 2 Orpington hens a few years ago, never had a Cochin, just know about them)
    4C4AB370-C0AB-4050-BA5E-08D4DEB200C8.jpeg 236ABDAC-5E55-4FBF-BF79-3DCD6D399376.jpeg DE09CFC5-3F50-4DC7-A249-02C3EBCB3036.jpeg
  5. SueT

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    May 27, 2015
    SW MO
    Docile sweet and friendly: Orpingtons, Favorelles, Cochins, Silkies, Brahmas....
    On the home page, go to menu, choose 'Reviews' and you will find extensive breed reviews.
    Good luck, let us know what you get!
    Edit to add Sussex commonly available as Speckled Sussex, very friendly birds
  6. TXchickmum

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    Apr 21, 2012
    North Texas
    Buff Orpingtons are great cold climate birds. They are very docile/friendly, and good egg layers, too. Wyandottes do well in cooler climates, also. Our two Buff Orpingtons are a couple of lap birds. -will hop up in your lap and sit just like a dog or cat.
  7. CJLR

    CJLR Chirping

    Jun 9, 2019
    I recommend brahmas to always almost everybody I had a Brahma hen once and she followed me around like a puppy dog
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  8. ChickenDisaster

    ChickenDisaster In the Brooder

    Jun 17, 2019
    My list is: Faverolles, Orpington, Easter Egger, Brahma, Wyandotte and Barred Rock. Are there any specifically that you would knock off the list? The maximum I’m ready for is 8 (chickens), but I’m planning on 2 birds per breed.
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  9. twendt

    twendt Songster

    Feb 23, 2019
    SE Wisconsin
    Wyandottes are not that tame, I have 4 and 2 RIRs, my reds can be picked up any time without a fight. RIRs are very bossy but like people. They know when I get home from work and will make as much noise as they can until I bring them a treat!
  10. ChickenDisaster

    ChickenDisaster In the Brooder

    Jun 17, 2019
    Thank you guys for the help! The final list is: 2 Salmon Faverolles, 2 Barred Plymouth Rocks, 2 Buff Brahmas and 2 Easter Eggers!
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