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Jan 8, 2012

My name is Chrissy and I live in Brisbane/Queensland/Australia. I have just registered and I am new to all this. I do hope I'm in the right spot to right this message. I just wanted to say Hello from a very hot & muggy part of the world as we are in our summer at the moment. We have no chickens at present as I am looking into the breeds to see what one is suited for a beginner and ones that lay well and suited to our climate. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I am hoping as I get better with the search engine, it will answer a lot of my questions. Till the next time Bye from the Aussie Lady
Hi Chrissy! Welcome to BYC!!!

I'll go out on a limb and suggest Australorps would do well in your Australian climate
But seriously, our Arizona summers also get hot, and it's humid in the monsoon season, and Australorps have been great. Friendly, mellow personalities, and good layers.

Henderson's Handy-Dandy Chicken Chart is a good starting point when researching chicken breeds.

Good luck, and again - welcome!!!!

My suggestion for a beginner would be isa browns or Australorps. I have and breed Aussies and they did amazing well yesterday even when out temps hit 45C. They do well in the winter too. Isa browns are great layers but tend to not live as long as the Aussies. Best of luck I am sure you will enjoy owing chickens no matter what breed you decide on.
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G'Day my fellow Australians and Thank You America

Firstly I would like to thank my American friends for a lovely warm welcome to BYC i.e. Willowbranchfarm - Amelia, Kevin565 and especially Smiles & Sunshine - Bryan. Thank you all for your input and quick response. I feel that I now know where I am heading.
For my Aussie mates, I'm Chrissy and I live in Brisbane on the Peninsula of Redcliffe in Woody Point (QLD). My husband and I are just starting to look into purchasing a few chickens. We only have a small backyard and because we are both busy people, we do not want to over commit ourselves at present. Other than my husband and myself, we have a cute little black Pomeranian dog called Oli, (one would think butter doesn't melt in Oli's mouth) we are still waiting for our Sun Conure who is still being reared, his name will be Wally. We are a small family. We are hoping that in the near future we will sell up our suburban home and go bush where we can be on acreage and be somewhat more self sufficient.

So that's a small profile on myself & family. I am assuming that this heatwave is touching the rest of the country (OZ) - I am constantly trying to keep Oli cool by wetting him down, he's really feeling the heat. I suppose you could do the same with chickens? This is probably a silly question but do any of you name your chickens? And do any of you cut your chickens' wings?

Anyway enough blabbering for one time, hope I can have a yarn with you at some stage.


PS: This message is also on the Aussie site
Hi Chrissy. I am from Esk. We have 6 acres and way to many chickens ducks and turkeys. Yes my chickens etc have names. No, i don't cut wings now i live in the bush but i did when i lived in the city. The heat has been bad the last 2 days. 43c today and 45c yesterday. Hopeing for rain to cool things down soon oh and before i forget
from North Carolina, USA! Australorps! They're Australian! Or at least, the Australian descendant of orpingtons. I got mine for eggs, and they are my sweetest girls.

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