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6 Years
Sep 3, 2013
HI. I am a new chicken owner of about 4 months. I just lost my two easter egger chickens to some nasty opposums. My kids "loved" them and we are replacing them with two more easter eggers and they want two other breeds. Can anyone tell me the best breeds for pets? The eggs are a bonus but being docile and sweet are more important.
Also, my chickens were free range and i am worried that if they are eating grass, etc...that is treated with fertilizer, fungicide, will get into their eggs.? I definately don't want my kids eating that since i buy only organic eggs...Any thoughts?
thanks for any advice.
Alisa from Parkland Florida
Good pet chicken breeds are: Cochins, Silkies, Brahmas, Orpingtons and my personal favorite, d'Uccles.
if you have older children that would be very careful and gentle - you might consider Seramas. They are so tiny it's hard to believe they still have everything they need under the hood.
I have 8 chickens and all different breeds, my favorites have to be d'uccles. they are friendly, quiet and from the ones I have they seem to like people. mine like sitting on my shoulder like parrots :). their eggs are good too. and the look is awesome :)
There are a lot of docile breeds out there. In my opinion silkies have some of the best temperaments around, though I am pretty fond of my polish.

I would personally try and restrict my birds from areas treated with poisons (pesticides, fungicides etc..)

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