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    Jan 22, 2017
    Hi all! We are steadily working on our coop and starting to think about feed and watering systems. I see lots of options out there. We have a rain barrel that would like to utilize for watering. Anyone have a tried-and-true watering system using a rain barrel? Also wondering what the best feeding system is? Something that reduces waste and doesn't require me entering the run every time I need to feed them. Our run will have a hatch that can open from the side so I'm thinking some sort of PVC set up. We're starting from scratch, so open to any and all suggestions.Thanks!
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    On the waterer, you can try standing the barrel up and suspending it in the air, maybe on a stand. Use nipple system waterers on the underside- just screw them in, and, with enough, it should work perfectly well. However, if you have ducks, geese, or any other waterfowl, this won't work, as they need to wash their nares and bills (basically, face).
    On the feeder, you can try constructing a corner feeder that goes all the way up the wall (that is, if you can make a waterproof way to fill it from the top!). This would last a long time.
    To see more/learn more, feel free to head into the "Coops" section of BYC, and then clicking on the "Feeder, Waterer" link.
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    Re the waterer, I've recently upgraded mine and i love it. It's a 5 gallon water barrel with a short PVC pipe coming out of it with two lubing drinker cups. I actually have two of them in case something happens to one while we aren't here (leak etc). In hot weather when the chickens drink their wattles get a good dunking in the water.

    How many chickens? You'll probably need multiple PVC feeders. I just use a large galvanised feeder so 5 or more birds can eat at once, but yes I do have to go into the pen to top it up ... but I like going in :)
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    Jan 4, 2017
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