Best Digital incubator?


14 Years
Jan 9, 2009
Eastsound, Wa
I'm looking to get a new incubator, my Hoover is about 12 years old The temperature seems to fluctuate a little bit too much at least enough that when I put eggs in I refused to leave the house, I'm up several times night to check on them because I'm a stressed-out hen. (My hubby wanted to surprise me by getting me a new incubator, but he thought I might want some input on what he buys me)

I'm looking for something that can hold 3 dozen + eggs, has a Digital Thamomitor and temperature control, built in egg turner would be nice but is not necessary.

Anyway, what's your favorite incubator that fits my descriptions, or any Incubator I should avoid. Any input would be helpful, thanks in a Vance

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