best/easyest homemade mixes for meat birds??


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ok so ive seen lots and lots of "this breed is great"..."no this breed is best"... "this cross is best"
for a self sustaining flock of meat birds. (i am NOT going to order chicks to kill them in 8 weeks!!)
which breed is best..or which breeds are best to mix...
ive herd lots of reviews on the cornish cross/ cornish rock birds.. but im not finding alot of people who actually have say a cornish rooster and a bunch of rock hens.....
i have several differnt breeds already (layers and DP) and i am willing to get yet more breeds if i need to but would love it if i accidentally have something already thats good to work with.

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You are asking a question that will lead to a personal preference. So expect varied answers.

White Rocks (not crosses) are a great meat bird that are sustainable.

Barred Rocks also.
Black Australorps can be used for meat birds and also are FANTASTIC LAYERS. Big birds
RIR have been used for DP for a long time now and are still a wonderful choice.
Cornish. NOT Crosses are a good meat bird if you like a smaller carcass.
You could also include Orpingtons. Great meat bird but they do tend to eat a lot.

Wish ya the best on your endeavors.

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