best eggs for peeling? (hard boiled)

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    Here's a random question for all you old-timers. My husband takes 2 hard-cooked eggs to work each day for lunch. We date the eggs from our small flock of hens, so he can use the oldest ones, since new eggs are terribly hard to peel when boiled. The weird thing he has noticed is that the eggs from our only Ameraucana hen peel perfectly, even if laid that same day. What's with that? Are Ameraucana eggs known for this? Has anyone else experienced this? I gotta say, my next batch of chickens is going to have more than one Ameraucana for this reason alone -- though we love Hawkeye for her curiosity, boldness and fun personality.
    Kathy in Oregon
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    There's a thread on the FAQ page about multiple methods for peeling any fresh hard boiled egg successfully. First I've heard of one breed's eggs peeling better than another's.
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    Before boiling, put a tiny pin hole in the top of the fat end of the egg... easy peeling everytime.
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