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    Jul 19, 2010
    We have a red bearded rooster of some kind with a red body and blue tail and hackle feathers, black curly beard. To this we added a cute Rhode Island Red bearded pullet he adores. She lays an egg once in awhile I am told by the neighbor where the hen roosts in the plants under their tree. They are welcome to the occasional egg to keep peace.
    My question is what is a good healthy diet for 2 chickens, hang the expense? Someone recommended 10 sunflower seeds occasionally to gloss out the feathers, but unsure if I need to grind them or if they can handle them whole. What would be good to put protein into the diet, canned cat food, maybe? Would they enjoy live minnows in a dish of water? Is sand good grit? We want to spoil them silly. Keith (heck, I ain't no farmer, just found the hat) Willams
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    You can try flockraiser or grower and offer free choice oyster shell for the hen. For the sunflower seeds, black oil (The ones cardinals love) is best, and it really does promote feather growth/sheen. I give mine 2-3 handfuls a day, 10 isn't a lot since black oil seeds aren't big. The shells are soft too, making them easily digestable as long as the have access to grit. (Sand as grit might be a bit too small) Don't bother putting the minnows in water, they slurp em' down as is. Mealworms, meat, cheese, bugs of any sport, and occasional cat food will all give them enough protein. I'd hold off on cat food, since there's lots of confusion whether it's really safe or not, give them a small cup if they are molting, that's all. Good luck!

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