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    Nov 4, 2013
    I am relatively new to raising chickens -- about six months. The feeders that I have are store bought cylinders with a round trough undernearth. I imagine this style works great for pellets, but I have been feeding my chickens an organic ground grain, and the grain doesn't slide down to the trough like pellets. As a result, food doesn't load properly. Is there a better delivery system, or is there something safe that I can coat the inside of the cylinder allowing the grain to slide down?
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    I have a trough feeder for my silkie flock. It works well since they aren't very aggressive about beaking feed everywhere.

    If you have a large fowl flock, you can make a trough feeder out of a gutter. They may pull the feed out of it though...I am not sure how well it would work for you.

    This is what I have.

    If you mix some whole grains in there with it, you may find that it will slide better down your current feeder. Chickens can digest whole wheat berries fine (just give them some grit or make sure they free range for their grit).

    My feed mix:
    rolled barley
    rolled oats
    split peas
    black oil sun seeds
    organic whole corn
    organic chick starter- about 1/3 of mix for the organic soy protein
    organic layer pellets
    oyster shell

    So the whole grains and seeds are the wheat, millet, corn, and BOSS. If you are switching over to mainly whole grains and seeds, go gradually since the gizzard will become more muscular in response to the increase in whole grains/seeds.

    Ensure that your layers have around 16% protein (I aim for 15% myself) and your baby chicks should have 20% protein (I just give them straight starter). Chicks age 8 weeks to point of lay should have around 17% protein.

    The amino acid profile is important as well. That is why a variety is good.

    Some useful sites:

    For my large fowl I use a 12 lb feeder (cylinder) and set it inside a black rubber fortex tub to catch spills. Almost zero waste.

    I hope this helps.
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    from Washington State!

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