Best flooring material for coop


Aug 16, 2016
We are in the process of building a new larger coop because (as it goes) we have acquired even more ladies and the starter coop just isn't big enough. I am very intrigued by the deep litter method but am concerned that it will put off too much heat for the chickens to bear in the hot Phoenix summers.

Currently, the girls spend almost no time in the coop (except to sleep and lay) and spend most of their time in the run. What would you suggest I use for the flooring in the coop?


Jun 27, 2016
I used a matte-finish countertop material. It is very durable, easy to clean, and not slippery, even with shavings on it. Someone had given me a large sheet several years ago so I can't give you much information on costs, etc. I just drilled holes in it and screwed it down to the plywood floor, then my framing sat on top. I also put construction adhesive under it to help secure it to the wood. It just happened to also match the paint I had for the inside of the coop so it was a win win. You will probably get a lot of different suggestions, saw many ideas when I was doing my research. Some even use Blackjack, but I would think in a hot climate that would absorb heat. Best wishes on your new coop construction.

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