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    There are so many opinions out there on what the best food is! I need to know what the best bang for my buck is, while still feeding my girls healthy food. There is a brand at my local small town hardware store called "Pen Pals" and it is priced well. They have egg layer pellets, chicken scratch, and cracked corn. Which should I be feeding? Or a mixture of two or three? I am getting them as chicks in the next couple of weeks, when should I stop feeding chick starter and put them on regular chicken food?

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    How old are your birds?
    Feed very little scratch and corn. Less than 10% of the diet.
    Pen Pals, just like all other manufacturers have feeding instructions on the bag. They know what is in the feed and therefor know what ages their food is for.
    Chicks need more protein (18-22% depending on age)
    Birds actively laying need more calcium (4%). All other birds need about 1% calcium. Read the labels.
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    Congratulations on starting your new flock--what an exciting time! You've asked some great questions. To start your flock strong, a complete feed would be best for your new baby chicks. There are a few options, such as medicated or non-medicated chick starter feeds. Regardless of the option you choose for your feather babies, look for a feed that has 18% protein. This protein will provide the building blocks your chicks need to grow happy and healthy. Click here fro a few helpful tips about choosing a complete starter feed from our PhD expert, Dr. Patrick Biggs.

    As your chicks grow, eggticipation grows with them! Your birds will begin laying eggs around 18 weeks, so just before this time is when you should start thinking about transitioning to a complete layer feed. This layer feed is nutritionally balanced just as your starter feed was, but has more calcium and less protein to meet the needs of you hen's life stage. Click here for a helpful article about choosing and transitioning to a layer feed.

    Good luck with your new feathered family and let us know if you have any questions along the way!

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