Best friends on the roost


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Mar 25, 2008
I absolutely love going in to look at my chickens when they all go to roost at night! I love seeing who's cuddled up next to who and so forth. When I went out last night, this is what I saw.


Sweet girls!
love that! I see you have orps! I love ours but what is BBS? And i'm glad to see yours roost facing the wall too. Wonder if that's normal or just the breed?
Love your pic!
What a great pic Gumps! At first I thought, hey, what breed is that gray & red one on the left, then I realized the gray one had her wing over the back of the red one. How adorable is that!
ksct - B/B/S is Blue, Black, Splash.
They are listed that way because you can get any combination of those three when hatching them, unless you have a splash roo (which is my case) that you put over blue and splash hens only. You will not get black in this case.

I don't know if facing the wall when roosting is breed specific or not! My other chickens that are not Orps. do it to, so I wouldn't think so.
Thank you!

When I first walked into the coop, this pullet had both of her wings around the hens on either side of her. By the time I ran to the house and got the camera, she had taken her wing off the hen on the left. It just looked like she was hugging both of them!

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