Best goose breed for a pet?

Discussion in 'Geese' started by CosmicStarStuff, Mar 27, 2015.

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    I'm hoping to start up a little backyard flock of chickens, ducks, and geese. All as pet therapy, but the eggs will be an added bonus. My main concern is that I get docile breeds, and the quietest breeds! What goose breed is the most quiet? Duck breed? Chicken breed?

    Also, what would be a good ratio for chickens, ducks, and geese? I have a 1/4 of an acre and was thinking maybe 6 hens, a drake and a dame, and one goose. But, I'm open to suggestions. I just want to make sure the noise level doesn't get too crazy.
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    With Geese avoid getting African and Chinese geese because they are considered the noisiest, Egyptian geese are known to be aggressive. Some geese you could look at are Toulouse, and Sebastapools are great geese to look at. Holderead's waterfowl farm might have other geese and other suggestions that you could look into along with ducks.

    As for ducks the drakes of each breed are much more quiet for females, Muscovies are considered close to silent and I've heard many great things about them. Picking a duck breed would all depend on what you want to do with them.

    As for chickens I haven't really noticed if there was a noise difference even though bantams tend to be louder than large fowl, again your probably going to have to question what you want your chickens for.

    As for ratio starting out small is good because you can always add more to your flock later if you like them or want more.
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    Hens without a rooster are pretty quiet. Ducks are fairly quiet, mine only make loader noises when they want something or feel threatened or during mating. Usually they must see me before they start but they definitely let me know when they want something and it is quite loud but quick- just long enough to make sure I heard them. We currently have Indian Runners and Campbells which tend to be a little nervous. We are getting welsh this summer who are suppose to be really calm and docile.

    We have African and Buff for geese. We really like the Buff. I don't know how they measure up with noise but they don't make a lot. Mine tend to talk to me. The Africans are very loud and make the most noise. The Buffs only get loud when something is going on- mating, fighting, threatened. I don't know if there was a single goose if they would be more quiet.

    Chickens- we have rhode island reds, jersey giants, orpington buffs, barred rocks, araucana. Every bird is different and we handle our babies daily in hopes that the adults will be friendly and calm. So far the calmest and quietest for us have been the buffs. Not that the others make a ton of noise but they seem to be the calmest we have. The rocks are the loudest. Our rocks also don't really like to be handled much where both the buffs and araucana babies will jump our hands. Our jersey giants are a little calmer then the RIR but otherwise are pretty similar.
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    I have NOT found all breeds of chicken to be equally noisy. I had an Egyptian Fayoumis pullet who was very, very loud. I always knew if she laid an egg, a cat was in the yard, or someone was in the nesting box she wanted. My quietest breed by far even the rooster are my Bielefelders. The lighter flightier breeds seem to scream and squawk more than my heavier breeds. They also fly much better so if you have fences you don't want them going over look more at heavier breeds.
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    For geese the calmest are Dewlap Toulouse, Sebastopol, American Buff, and Pilgrims. I think that calmness also has to do with their breeding as well as individuality. I find my Easter eggers are very calm and social. One girl is very tame. She comes up for petting.
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